School rules

School rules



If your child or any family members are showing any symptoms: high temperature, cough, loss of taste or smell etc please do not attend and confirm by telephoning the office 020 8532 0535

If we can kindly ask that your child uses the bathroom before they come to the Centre to reduce risk.

Pupils entering the Centre:

The Centre will be sanitized between lessons so children will need to wait outside until this has been completed. Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes before the start of your lesson.

• Your child will use hand sanitizer as soon as they enter and be ticked off on a register. We cannot accept children who are not on our list.

• Every child will have their own double desk sitting 2 metres away from the next child.

• They cannot borrow anything, they must have all their own stationery.

Leaving the centre:

Pupils will look out of the window to see if their parents are there, then they will sanitize their hands again and meet you outside.

Parents please look up at the window for your child. Do not wait by the door as they will not be able to see you.


You have been booked into this Centre and given your time. If this time does not suit you either now or in the future let us know. We will move your child to the required time as soon as a place is available.

Erratic attendance

We expect children to attend regularly each week for as long as they need us. Erratic attendance is not acceptable. If your child is frequently absent for whatever reason they will automatically be replaced.

Time Changes

Should you wish to change times for one particular week only please telephone through to the office on FRIDAY of that weekend. We can then let you know of any cancellations we may have for your child to switch to. The following week you return to your normal time. It is unacceptable to telephone every Friday to switch times.


Please pay weekly as you in attend in cash

Dress Code

There is no dress code at the Centre but we do feel it is not appropriate for junior children to wear make-up.


Food is not allowed at the centre. Children are allowed to bring drinks only. MOBILE PHONES MUST BE TURNED OFF


If your child is going to be absent for one week please telephone through to the office as early as possible. If you get the answer phone please leave your child’s full name and the time he/she attends. We can then mark our register and maybe offer the place to another child wishing to switch times for one week. TELEPHONE THROUGH TO THE OFFICE. PLEASE DO NOT TELL THE TEACHERS, SEND IN NOTES OR LEAVE MESSAGES WITH OTHER CHILDREN. If you have two or more children at the Centre and only one is going to be absent please telephone and let us know as soon as possible. IF YOU DO NOT TELEPHONE THE OFFICE WHEN YOUR CHILD IS GOING TO BE ABSENT YOU WILL BE EXPECTED TO PAY FOR THE LESSON MISSED.

Non Attendance

After two weekends of non-attendance without a telephone call or several weeks of erratic attendance for whatever reason you will be sent a letter removing your child from our registers. AT NO FUTURE DATE WILL YOUR CHILD BE ALLOWED TO RETURN.


Stay for as long as you need us but we require SEVEN DAYS NOTICE before leaving. i.e. WE NEED TO KNOW 7 DAYS BEFORE YOUR CHILD’S LAST LESSON. It is unacceptable to book off one, two or three weekends then telephone to give a week’s notice. If proper notice is given, your child will be allowed to return to the Centre at a future date.


We need at least one week’s notice when you are going on holiday. IF YOU ARE GOING AWAY FOR 4 WEEKENDS OR MORE YOU HAVE TO GIVE NOTICE OF LEAVING. We are able to hold your place for a maximum of 3 consecutive weekends only. When you wish to return please telephone and we will reinstate your child as soon as possible ahead of any general waiting list. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO CHILDREN IN THE 11+ SQUAD. (PLEASE READ THE ‘HISTORY OF THE SQUAD’ FOR FURTHER DETAILS.)

Progress Reports

PLEASE TELEPHONE ON FRIDAY OF THE WEEKEND YOU WISH TO SEE THE TEACHERS As a general guide may I recommend that you telephone and book a progress report for Maths and English. every 6 – 10 weeks depending on your circumstances. Please book the initial report (first report) after 4 – 5 weekends of your child attending the Centre. To make an appointment please telephone FRIDAYS ONLY. All appointments are for that weekend and after your child’s lesson. There are always teachers on duty at least 10 minutes before the start of every lesson. Any child wishing to take advantage of this system need only to turn up early.