How do I book lessons for my child?

Please telephone the office on 020 8532 0535.

We can then inform you of any times we have available and discuss a start date.

Please do not turn up at the Centre without an appointment.

We cannot accept any children without booking an appointment.

Why do we pay a deposit?

The deposit is payment for your child’s last lesson.

We require at least 7 days notice before your child’s last lesson.

Once we know your child is leaving they do not pay for their last lesson.

If notice is not given then you will lose your deposit.

This deposit is non-refundable.

Is my child individually taught?

Yes. Each child is set weekly work, based on their ability level.

We have a maximum of 6 children to one teacher.

Additionally our auxiliary teachers help children with their reading, spelling and times tables.

What is included in the lesson fees?

1. On the first day, your child will be given 5 exercise books.

2. Maths, English and Vocabulary / Spelling worksheets.

3. 11+ Mock Exams and SATS Test Papers.

4. 11+ folder to keep their work in.

Are the teachers qualified school teachers?

All our Maths and English teachers are qualified school teachers.

Does my child's homework get marked?

All work is marked and gone over weekly. Your child will hand in their story homework at the beginning of the Maths lesson. The teacher will then mark the Maths homework and go over any problems then set your child some more work. While the children are working the teacher can then mark the story.

If my child cannot do something will the teacher be able to explain it to me?

Yes of course. The teachers are here to help your child and to explain and show them how to do types of questions.

Do I still have to pay if my child is absent?

You only pay when your child attends a lesson. If your child is absent please telephone the office to cancel your child’s lesson.

Can I pay monthly?

No, you pay weekly as your child attends. If they are not there then you do not pay.

Shall I give the payment to my child?

Yes, we collect the lesson fees and tick your child’s name off of the register. This also helps children to appreciate money and gives them some responsibility.

Is the homework compulsory?

Yes, all the children get Maths and English homework. This usually consists of a few sums for Maths, a story for English, times tables and for Year 4’s and above 20 spellings plus the meanings.

Are you open during school holidays and half terms?

We close for 2 weekends over Christmas and New Year and 1 weekend over Easter. We are open throughout the summer holidays and half terms. Whenever we are going to close for a weekend we send a reminder note out to all our pupils.

What happens if we go on holiday for 4 weeks or more?

We can only hold a place for a maximum of 3 weekends. If you are going away for longer we require notice of leaving (this is at least 7 Days before the child’s last lesson). When you return from holiday please call us and we can reinstate your child.

Can my child just have an hour lesson?

Unfortunately not, our lessons are for 2 hours and cover both Maths and English.

An hour is not enough time to cover both subjects, plus times tables practice, spellings and reading.

Can my child just have Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning training?

All children at the Centre attend for Maths and English. We then assess the Year 5 pupils for Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning. Depending on how your child fares on this assessment determines whether or not we give them weekly Verbal or Non-Verbal Reasoning. Year 4 children are also given a Verbal Reasoning and General Knowledge paper during their lesson to see where weaknesses are for future 11+ Training.