About us

About us

Our aim is to help tutor your child to supplement his/her education from ages 7 – 11 years. We allow you to enter this Centre and to stay for as long as you need us. We would prefer you to come for eight weeks consecutively every year than to stay with us indefinitely and turn up erratically.

About SEC

If you follow our procedure we can individually tutor your child from Year 3 – Year 7 and they can come and go as often as they like providing they attend regularly whilst they are with us, and you give proper notice when leaving.

If you or your child is unhappy with the service we provide, if you have a query or want to pass on a message to the teachers regarding homework etc. Please let us know during the week. It is important that we monitor the service we are offering.

As an extra service we have young auxiliaries working under supervision of the teachers. They give table practice, spellings (Years 4 and 5) and read with the children and this has proved most helpful particularly to children weak in certain areas. The administrators (who are not school teachers) will give spellings and Verbal/Non-Verbal Reasoning Training to Years 5/6.

For an educational establishment to run in an efficient manner and to provide the best possible opportunities for children a few simple regulations are necessary.