11+ Courses & Training Groups
11+ Courses & Training Groups

Please be aware we have five, 10 hour 11+ Courses held during half terms and school holidays. These are additional to our bi weekly 11+ classes and cover new material, method & formulas, speed tests and Mock Exams. We cover exam technique and children are also put in strict exam situations in preparation for the 11+ Exams.

If you child is unable to attend 3 or more of the courses they will be automatically put into Set 3 working as they would have not covered a majority of the 11+ work.

Each course gets progressively more difficult with new material and Mock Exams.


1. October, February, May, July & August.
2. October, April, May, July & August.
3. February, April, May, July & August.

Last opportunity for selection into our 11+ training groups: EASTER COURSE.

They will be invited to attend the remaining Courses Easter, May, July & August.

This is not a year when parents commit their children to long haul holidays overseas or to time consuming activities.


Set 1 & 2
These are taught bi-weekly for 11+ and general Maths & English including homework and weekly spellings just like all the other junior children at the Centre.

One week the children will sit with Mrs Parsons covering 11+ Verbal/Non Verbal Reasoning, Method & Formulas, speed tests and board work.

They will be given yellow 11+ Papers, spellings including meanings and times tables for homework.

Mrs Parsons will work with Set 1 one week and Set 2 the following week.

The following week they will sit with the Maths and English teachers working individually on Maths and English aiming to cover work up to Key Stage 2 Level 5a and beyond if your child is able. Your child will receive Maths, English essay, spellings including meanings and times tables for homework.

They attend the Courses where they are given exams, taught exam technique and given many speed tests. After each Course the parents then have a progress report.

They continue at the Centre at the weekend doing general Maths and English, spellings. Working individually with Jamie or Gemma Parsons on 11+ papers occasionally in groups to learn new method and formulas, board work and have speed tests. They will be invited to all the 11+ Courses. homework which comprises of Maths, English essay, Spellings times tables and 11+ paper. They are required to attend the lessons 10 minutes earlier.

All our courses are run during the Redbridge school holidays term dates.

If you do not live in Redbridge please check your school holiday dates as they may differ especially at Easter.

These are marked and returned to parents in an envelope the following week. It will always be accompanied by an analysis which we refer to as ’the ladder’. This shows where you child is compared to all the other 11+ pupils at the Centre.

Children are moved up and down ability groups based on homework, speed tests and mock exams.