The teacher will listen to your child read and ask and set them work accordingly. All pupils get some form of English card, usually comprising of a Comprehension and other English questions working on their grammar and general knowledge.

English Homework
The last 15 minutes of the English lesson is devoted to the Story. One of the teachers will write a plan on the board. They will then discuss the theme with the children and can answer any questions they have. Your child will copy the plan into their story books and can make notes on any ideas they have which they can then write about at home.

Children in Year 4 and above are set 20 spellings to learn per week plus the meanings. In their spelling book they are told to write the meanings of any words they do not know. They will be tested the following week. If your child gains 20 out of 20 with meanings in place, on three occasions they shall receive a £1 coin.

Children in Years 2, 3 and 4 will read to someone during the lesson. We have a range of books to cater for different reading levels. Children in Year 5 who are weak at English also read.