Common Entrance
Common Entrance

Bancroft’s, Forest, Chigwell, City of London Brentwood etc…

Approximately 55 – 65 children from the Squad are also trained for Common Entrance.

They are joined by approximately 15 other children who for various reasons were not in the Squad but wish to be prepared for the Common Entrance in January/ February.

How Do We Train For The Common Entrance?
Your child is automatically trained for Common Entrance whether you go in for the schools or not.

We devote a lot of time to a weekly essay which they will need as well as Comprehension, Spellings, Times Tables and Reading.

At Easter Year 5 children attend an Essay Course. This is devoted to an end result of one very good to superb essay from each child (depending on their individual ability.) I still expect a fair essay from a very weak child. English Scholarship Comprehension and Essay Course held in August.

All the books are geared for Common Entrance. The children work through them at their own pace. In October the first Half Term when they are Year 6 we put on a Maths Scholarship Course.

During September/October one weekend is devoted entirely to INTERVIEW TECHNIQUES. All pupils spend their 2 hour lesson talking and making notes in preparation for their interviews to the schools.

All Common Entrance children from September to January now have a Common Entrance Maths and Common Entrance English paper which has a marking system. This is marked by our teachers following the exam guidelines. They then continue with their maths and English at their own level.

Just to elaborate on this point, many year 6 children are working at the level of years 7, 8 & 9. We work at their pace.