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2 hours

You must book on appointment to enrol your child in lessons

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General Enquiries
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Office hours:
Mon/Wed 9am - 7pm
Fri 9am - 7pm
Sat/Sun 8am -12 noon


When your child first attends they are given a Maths Checklist. This starts off at basic Addition and gets progressively more difficult.

We go through the 4 rules of Numbers:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication and Division
  • then on to fractions etc

Wherever your child stops or finds any difficulty on this Checklist is where we start working with them. We will then work at your child's level at their pace. The teacher will work with your child individually, they will not be taught in a group.


At the end of the Maths lesson your child will be set some questions for homework.


We shall supply your child with a times table card. Your child will be tested every lesson and on the back of the card we will write down what tables your child needs to practise. If your child knows all of the times tables we shall give them a random test every week and go onto divisions. i.e. How many 12's in 144?

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    Your child is set work based on their level. It is marked and explained during the lesson.

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    Homework is marked at the beginning of the lesson.

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    Board Work.

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    Maths Scholarship Paper.

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    Times Table Card.