Year 5 Assessment
Year 5 Assessment

In September/October all Year 5 Children attending the Centre are given the Verbal Reasoning Exam. This is a multi-choice paper heavily biased towards English.

All children will then be invited to a Course during the October Half-Term where they will receive 11+ Training including Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning plus Mock Exams. We can then put them into 11+ training according to ability.


Set 1 – Top Ability Group
Set 2 – Middle Ability Group
Set 3 – Lower Ability Group

If you are unable to attend the October Course (It will also be repeated in February).  

This is for children who had not attended the Course in October who would like to join for 11+ Training.

These Courses progress in difficulty throughout the year. During each Course the children are given 2 Mock Exams so we can gauge your child’s level.

We then start the weekly training which is held during their weekend sessions of Maths and English.

This will consist of Lorraine Parsons, Gemma Parsons and Jamie Parsons giving the 11+ Group children 11+ training including Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning papers. They are expected to arrive at 10 minutes before the start of the lesson.

If your child passes the Course in February they will then need to attend an 11+ Course at Easter. By the time they attend the May Course they should be at the same level as the majority of the 11+ Children who started in October.

11 + training goes at the pace of the exam not the pace of the child.

EASTER COURSE is the last opportunity to get into our 11+ Training Groups.

The Easter Course is the last course for children wishing to get into our 11+training Groups. This is mainly for children who have recently started the Centre.

It is advised that children who pass this assessment attend the last courses in May, July and August.