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Verbal reasoning

Verbal reasoning is a combination of English, Maths and General Knowledge. Lorraine Parsons has devised her own Method & Formulas, quick ways of doing some of the types of questions, which count for approximately 50% of the questions in the Exam. The remainder will be English and General Knowledge. Children will need to be able to know not only the meanings of words but similar and opposite meanings. This is why reading and spelling are vital for 11+ Training.

Non-verbal reasoning

Non-Verbal Reasoning is pictures and designs. These are multiple choice questions with 5 picture answers to choose from. There are many types of Non-Verbal and the local Grammar schools tend to use only 6 types. The Non-Verbal Exam will test your child on only 4 types of questions but we do not know which 4 they will use out of the 6.

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    Lorraine Parsons working with the 11+ Squad.

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    We not only test your child on the spelling of a word but also its meaning.

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    Spelling test, 20 spellings in total.

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    Corrections for spellings are written out 3 times each and then ticked off.